Dr. Munavvar Izhar Discusses Anti-Aging Tricks for Mindful, Conscious, and Happy Living

Dr. Munavvar Izhar

November 16, 2020

Dr. Munavvar Izhar recently discussed his anti-aging tricks for a more mindful, conscious, and happy life.

Aging gracefully is something we all aspire to do. We’ve all seen those people who look incredibly young for their age, and even those who appear to grow younger. Some 70-year-olds are more physically and mentally fit than 40-year-olds. Dr. Munavvar Izhar recently discussed his anti-aging tricks for a more mindful, conscious, and happy life.

Munavvar Izhar, M.D. is a nephrologist currently serving as the CEO of Medical Education,LLC. His platform teaches physicians and sub specialists and helps them pass the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) certification exams which helps them to be able to continue their medical practices. He specializes in Nephrology, Hypertension, and Renal

 Transplant. He also has extensive knowledge in Dietetics and Nutrition leading to weight loss for healthier living. Dr. Munavvar Izhar explained that aging gracefully has a lot to do with dietetics and nutrition. However, it is also based on the way we lead our lives, such as remaining physically fit and mindful/ conscious living.

He first explained that anti-aging is a science involving increasing the understanding of genetics, telomeres, and the interplay of a number of factors. There are certain tricks and tools a person can use to halt or reverse the aging process that doesn’t cost them anything.

“Garbage in Garbage out is a famous saying,” Munavvar Izhar said. “Our body and our health become what we feed them.” Dr. Munavvar Izhar added that many people understand that eating healthy can make them look and feel better. However, he explained that there is a science to nutrition and eating involving what to eat, when, and how to eat it. Consuming some items and completely avoiding others is the key to why some people succeed and others don’t.

“Although, it’s not all about dietetics and nutrition,” Dr. Munavvar Izhar said. “Control of the psyche and hormones can lead to organs that are healthier, function properly, and ultimately, help us look and feel younger.”

Dr. Munavvar Izhar

Munavvar Izhar stated that mindful ways to live can have a positive effect on the hormones and psyche, which control the blood vessels. This enhances the flow of blood throughout the body and leads to healthier organs. Munavvar Izhar M.D. emphasized the importance of physical fitness, key exercises to be done by an aging body in a safe manner. He also added that the key to aging more gracefully lies in the art and science of understanding and executing all of the elements of a healthier and more mindful life together.

“All good habits in life will result in a positive ‘X’ effect; however, if you execute the same good habits while understanding the art and science behind them, you’ll generate an ‘XXX’ effect that is drastically more beneficial,” Dr. Munavvar Izhar said.

The people who look good and feel good as they age are those who understand and execute the art and science behind physical and mental health. Munavvar Izhar M.D. explained that there are roughly 15-20 superfoods and 5-10 spices and supplements that, if consumed consistently, can make you look and feel younger. He added that there are roughly 10 to 15 proven physical fitness exercises that are the secrets to superior health and greater agility.

“In addition to superfoods, supplements, and physical exercise, there are a number of hobbies and habits that have been proven to cultivate a more satisfying, healthier, and more youthful life,” Munavvar Izhar said. “Learning and understanding each of these things and how they work together will provide the inner awakening you need to achieve the life and look you desire.”

Dr. Munavvar Izhar added that understanding all of the elements of anti-aging can create an inner awakening that provides purpose and passion in life. This leads to a more enriching, satisfying, and enhanced life. He finished by stating that readers should stay tuned and continue the discussion.