Dr. Munavvar Izhar Discusses the Challenges Facing Medical Students. Residents, Fellows and their Education Today

Dr. Munavvar Izhar

December 15, 2020

For those who decide to go to medical school, they are going to be rewarded with a fulfilling experience. At the same time, there are a number of significant challenges that they are going to be facing. Dr. Munavvar Izhar knows that many students who are going to medical school right now are going to experience a climate that is unlike any other. Therefore, it is important for students to be aware of some of the challenges they are going to be facing as they pursue a career that is dedicated to helping others. Munavvar Izhar is here to help them pursue their dreams.

Dr. Munavvar Izhar Discusses the Role of Virtual Learning in Medicine Right Now

Dr. Munavvar IzharDr. Munavvar Izhar knows that technology has changed the way medical education is done. Students are learning a lot from home these days. There are virtual lectures and training sessions by authorities in the field. Example being a specialist in a particular topic holds a lecture online from California, which the students all over the country listen to at the same time. This brings in the delivery of high quality, uniform knowledge. Exchange of ideas and clarification of doubts occur over a wide spectrum of people fostering better education. A cardiothoracic surgeon may be in Johannesburg in South Africa and will be doing robotic surgery in the surgical suites at NorthWestern University in Chicago. Residents and Fellows accessing Board Review material via online platforms which can be accessed from the cloud anytime from anywhere in the world 24×7 making education easy and accessible across the globe. Dr. Munavvar Izhar is keeping up ahead in this area of the state of art technology by hosting one of the largest platforms in the United States of Nephrology Board Exam Question Banks at www.abimexams.com 

Munavvar Izhar Discusses the Role of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Education of Students

Another major event that is happening right now is the pandemic. Dr. Munavvar Izhar understands that the pandemic has impacted the ability of students to enter the hospital and learn the material they need to be doctors. It is important for students to make sure they understand how to protect themselves and how they can keep up with the demands of their education even during the pandemic. Munavvar Izhar encourages students to be technologically savvy and achieve the same or better education as they were before and still stay safe during these Covid times.

Munavvar Izhar Discusses the Continuing Burden of the Cost of Medical Education

Finally, it is also important to talk about the burden of medical education. Munavvar Izhar knows that it is incredibly expensive for students to go to medical school. It is not unusual to see students who are graduating with more than $300,000 in debt. When this is combined with the many years of residency with menial pay, it is easy to see how students are going to have trouble paying this money back. Dr. Munavvar Izhar wants new and emerging physicians to know that there are options available. For example, students could decide to pursue something called Public Service Loan Forgiveness, or PSLF, which can help students tackle their debt quickly. Working in certain sectors and underserved areas also helps with loan forgiveness and yet at the same time gives them broader depth of health care provision. Keeping the expenses low and saving money goes a long way in paying off the debt sooner rather than later. Mindful investing and getting educated about finance also is a way to generate more wealth sooner to pay off the debts. “Living within the means and saving more tends to make more physicians millionaires than them trying to earn more.” 

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